Let's create your next Champion!

Richard has a long history in the sport of dogs.  Most of his young adult years were spent working for some of the best professional handlers of the time.  However, he fell in love with poodles while he was working for terrier handler Larry Cornelius (who was partnered at the time with the famed Mark Shanoff).  At Halcyon he fell in love with a handsome brown miniature by the name of Cappy.   From there Richard working for the late Bill Cunningham and then Mr. Timothy Brazier in Seattle Washington.  Richard was instructed by the best and brings that professionalism to the presentation of each dog that he shows.  

While most of his career he has been a very successful breeder/owner/handler, then AKC Judge, he now feels he has more to offer as a breeder and professional handler. 

As a successful breeder Richard can consult with you on your breeding strategies and help create a successful family of dogs.  As your handler, Richard will bring out the best in your show dog.  

Richard does not have a kennel.  The dogs are in his home, have play time in the sunshine at the farm and are treated as if they are his own.  

Currently, Richard has openings in all 3 Varieties.   Please contact for more information.